6 Habits of an Essential Hire

The job market can be overwhelming and uncertain. Now more than ever, the competition for jobs is stiff. On top of that, once you have the job, you’ll need to prove yourself as necessary, if not indispensable in your role. So, what makes an essential hire?

Well, impressions are formed fast. It is important to make the demonstrate your value from the moment you walk in the door. Check out the tips below to help you become the candidate/employee they cannot do without!

1. Attitude and Energy
A can-do attitude goes a long way. Approach your interview and all subsequent interactions with a smile coupled with an optimistic outlook. Your attitude will rub off on the people around you! Essential hires are always listening in an active manner. Active listening is so important for success in all areas of your life. Effective communication is more than just talking – it is listening and understanding. It sounds obvious, but pay attention when an interviewer, boss or co-worker is speaking!

2. Emotional Intelligence
A workplace is more than just a space where people come to work. We spend so much of our lives at the office with our co-workers that it becomes a community. Whether you are in a position of leadership, work within a team, or deal with clients one on one, emotional intelligence is critical to your ability to function and contribute to your company. Those who can master this skill will be viewed as trustworthy and empathetic, providing a safe space within the community.

3. Self-Management
People who are able to manage their personal lives are more successful in their professional lives. Maintaining healthy practices translates into heighten productivity and well-being. The best companies promote the same kind of balance in the workplace. Candidates who have mastered the life/work balance shine because they are able to prioritize task and priorities. They are always on time; they don’t get bogged down by taking on too much and they set boundaries in order to work effectively and avoid time wasters.

4. Work Ethic
An essential hire is always willing to go the extra mile to give the job their all. Time management is SO important to a good work ethic. Forget about multitasking! Juggling a million tasks at once will only ensure that all your tasks are done with less than 100% effort. Focusing on one task at a time, finishing what you set out to do, taking initiative on new projects or clients, etc. – all show your employer and fellow coworkers that you value your work and will use some elbow grease to get the job down!

5. Perceptive
Be preceptive! The essential hire will have done their research about the company they are interviewing for before they even apply for the position. Once in, essential hires are smart enough to observe and adapt to the practices of the office. Every workplace has its own way of doing things. Try and pick up on day to day routines quickly in order to establish yourself within the community.

6. Accountable
Nothing pleases an employer more than a successful hire who is accountable for their work. Make a habit of following up with your employer to discuss the quality of your work. Ask questions about areas that you can improve on. These discussions will ensure you are continuing to meet (and soon exceed!) the expectations of the job.

7. Active Learner
Be active in your quest to excel. Turn mistakes into opportunities to learn and improve. Never be defensive when you have made an error. Instead, listen to the feedback, adjust your work, ask questions when you are unsure of something, and check in to make sure you are on the right track!

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