How To Stay Healthy As A Busy Executive

All work and no play make Jack an unhappy, unhealthy CEO! It is easy to get caught up in the corporate rat race – chasing the next promotion, burning the midnight oil to finish that last report or neglecting your health for the sake of the work.

But guess what? None of the accolades and successes will matter if you are not alive to enjoy it. Being passionate and dedicated to your work is important and rewarding but you must maintain a work/life balance, because you will inevitably burn out. If you want to stay on top of your game AND live a long, healthy life, take note of these tips below!

Get 7-8 hours of sleep
Lack of sleep can lead to all sorts of issues: moodiness, weight gain, low energy, depleted brain function, etc. A good night’s sleep is the foundation you need to conquer the day and anything life is surely going to throw at you! Do not underestimate how important it is to recharge so you can take on the day invigorated and enthusiastic.

Create a healthy daily routine
Healthy habits are paramount to your body and mind’s ability to work at its best, both in the present and in the long term. So, don’t neglect yourself!

o Eat breakfast – Revamp your energy after a long sleep. Choose something well balanced that will carry you until a mid-morning snack or lunch.

o Exercise – Your body needs movement to function properly. Something as simple as taking a short lunch time walk or taking the stairs will kick start your blood flow and give you the burst of energy you need to succeed.

o Eat Well-Give your body the fuel it needs with healthy foods.By eating a well-balanced diet, rich in fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and whole grains, you can reduce your risk of a multitude of diseases and health issues.

o Hydrate!–Drink lots of water. This is a no brainer–just do it!

Do not let the stress of your job overwhelm you – manage it! Break up busy days with small wellness breaks (a quick meditation session, a small walk, 5-minute breaks away from your computer screen, etc.). Outside of the office, try to do something at least 3 times a week that releases anxiety and built-up tension in the body. This could be anything! A high-intensity workout class, a relaxing dinner with friends or a glass of wine in front of a mindless movie – whatever works for you. Be proactive in taking time for yourself.

Stay Connected (and not just to your email)
Speaking of spending time with friends, it is so important to maintain social groups in our lives that exist outside of work. Meaningful social connections have been proven to lower anxiety and boost self-esteem. Make time for family and friends – prioritize growing these connections in your life.

Create personal connections at work as well! Encourage employees and coworkers to take on activities together, such as organizing a company BBQ or participating in a company-wide fundraising run. Invite your colleagues’ families to join in on the fun! This will strengthen working relationships while promoting healthy self-care behaviours.

Leave time for your hobbies and passions
Carve out time in the week to indulge in your passions and hobbies. These types of activities can connect us to new kinds of people, allow us to unload some of the pressures of our daily lives, or give us an opportunity to give back.

Perhaps you enjoy volunteering with certain charities or local organizations. Maybe you like to dabble in community theatre on the weekends. Possibly you take night classes to learn to cook like a pro. All of these things will work to create a more well-rounded, happy person who has a healthy life balance.

Carry over healthy habits to the entire office
As a leader in your workplace, it is your responsibility to be an example to those around you. If your team sees that you are making mental and physical health a priority, they may do likewise. Carry the healthy habits from your own life over to the office:

o Encourage employees to get up and get moving during the day.
o Keep healthy snacks around the office and accommodate various diet restrictions
o Let your employees know that you have a life outside of work that you prioritize and that
they should do the same!

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