Career Placement Through StaffCLICK

StaffCLICK places applicants in three major types of employment opportunities. They are:

  1. Temporary employment
  2. Temporary-to-permanent opportunities
  3. Permanent placements and contract positions

Each of these provides a different employment situation. One or more of these opportunities may be suitable for you. Read the descriptions to understand which ones are appropriate for you.

Temporary Jobs

A temporary job is quite varied in terms of the types of positions and durations of the work assignments. Assignments vary from one day to more than a year. The positions occur to address short-term business issues, such as: vacation coverage, maternity leave, high-demand periods such as financial year end, peak vacation periods, and normal business cycles. A temporary job is suitable for a variety of personal situations. You may find temporary jobs suitable for the following situations:

  • Increase diversity in your work experience
  • Gain additional experience in a specific area
  • Work term prior to returning to school
  • Exposure to a new working environment
  • Trial run various companies and job types to clarify your career objectives
  • Achieve work/life balance through periods of employment and unemployment 

Temporary-to-Permanent Jobs

This type of temporary job provides you with the opportunity to gain an appreciation for the role and whether it is a suitable choice for a permanent job opportunity. It also provides you with the opportunity to get your foot in the door and prove you belong in that permanent position with the client. It begins with a temporary job assignment as an employee of StaffCLICK. After a period of time, the employer will have the opportunity to hire you as a permanent employee. Permanent employment is not guaranteed at the end of the assignment, but it is highly likely if you demonstrate your value as an employee. It is mostly up to you, your performance and your attitude demonstrated in the temporary placement.

Permanent Jobs

A permanent job means you are an employee of one of StaffCLICK’s clients. You are a “direct hire” into the client’s business, and it does not require you to be an employee of StaffCLICK prior to that placement. StaffCLICK recruits and recommends applicants for permanent career opportunities with our clients, acting on behalf of our clients to assess and recommend top talent for those positions.