We’ve Already Started!

Before you call, we are recruiting. While you are reading this, we are recruiting. We have been building our talent network every working day for years, establishing a network of candidates we know and who are ready for a new opportunity.

In addition, in response to your specific job order request, we will reach out through our personal networks, social media, mainstream and niche job boards, internet searching and referrals to source the ideal candidates. 

Each candidate will be assessed according to the specific criteria you identify when we discuss the job order with you. We will do the following:

  1. Develop a job description
  2. Define a sourcing strategy
  3. Initial evaluations
  4. Completion of formal applicant profiles
  5. Interview and detailed assessments
  6. Skill and aptitude testing and assessments
  7. Referencing
  8. Credit and/or criminal record checks (if required)
  9. Set up client interviews (if required)
  10. Temp assignment or permanent placement orientation and preparation

Each step in the recruitment agency process is carried out per predefined procedures and a set of reference documents (templates). This ensures a consistency of assessment.