Who We Are and Why We’re Here

Temporary & Permanent Job Placement Agencies

StaffCLICK was founded with a vision to provide honest and professional recruitment services as a top-tier staffing and job placement agency for temporary and permanent positions. Through a deep appreciation of our clients’ unique environments and needs, we work as partners with our clients to bring them the right people for their career opportunities. That’s the “click” in StaffCLICK; an exceptional fit between quality employees and high-caliber employers.

We serve clients and candidates throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Our temporary and permanent job placement services extend to:



North York

A Brief History

StaffCLICK was cofounded in 2003 by Susan Foster, bringing together decades of recruiting and business experience. The key motivation in launching StaffCLICK was to create a recruitment agency that would be honest and transparent with their clients and job seekers. Having already been instrumental in the successful launch and management of other temporary and permanent job placement agencies, Susan wanted to create something just that much better. Better for her clients and better for job seekers. Integrity and professionalism was paramount.


We strive to bring exceptional people into rewarding careers with our excellent clients. Our clients’ businesses are dramatically improved by our efforts, due to the placement of key personnel into their companies. Our honesty and professionalism instill a deep trust with our clients and our applicants. Our passion for recruiting sets us apart from other staffing agencies. 

We are a deeply trusted partner with our clients. They call on us regularly to meet their temporary and permanent placement needs for their office environment. Our clients recognize us as the preferred choice among staffing agencies.


We strive to live up to and embrace the following values:

  • We believe in treating people the way we would want to be treated
  • We push for what’s best for our clients, because that’s what is best for us
  • We believe in providing a good service for a fair price
  • We believe there is significant value in the service we provide
  • We believe in proper etiquette and professional conduct at all times
  • We believe in approaching life with a positive attitude
  • We endeavor to be uplifting, energetic and resourceful
  • We appreciate and are respectful of what we have
  • We acknowledge there are many less fortunate than ourselves
  • We value time and endeavor not to waste our time or others’ time
  • We act with integrity and treat others with dignity and respect
  • We are consistently looking for better ways to conduct our business